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EDUCATION Nasal Spray  Application
Shake the bottle well then remove the cap
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Medical product used here is for illustration only and does not imply endorsement of any nasal spray or drop solution. This patient education is provided in good faith to help patients and their families learn more about their medical conditions, the options available to them and the possible consequences of their decisions. This information is not intended to be used for diagnosis, or treatment of any specific individual. Please consult with your ENT doctor regarding your particular circumstances.
© Vincent Tan ENT
© Vincent Tan ENT
© Vincent Tan ENT
© Vincent Tan ENT
Now, tilt your head downwards as you stabilise the spray bottle between your fingers
Close one nostril and carefully place the nozzle of the spray into the other nostril
Direct the nozzle and spray towards the sidewall of the nose. Alternatively, you can use the right hand to direct the spray into the left sidewall of the nostril and vice versa. Apply the number of spray per nostril as per your doctor’s prescription.
DO not  direct the nozzle towards the midline septum of the nose. (to reduce the risk of injury and perforation of the septum - represented by the black straight line)
Breathe in gently as you spray the medication into your nostrils. Once this is done, breathe out through your mouth.
Now, spray into the other nostril as the steps above.
After using your spray, clean off the tip with tissue paper and replace the cap.
Clear any mucus from your nostrils (if present) by gently blowing your nose.
© Vincent Tan ENT
© Vincent Tan ENT
Instead, direct the nozzle and spray towards the sidewall of the nose.  
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