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In   our   quest   to   deliver   quality   professional   medical   care   based   on   sound   evidence-based   medicine,   WE ,   the   healthcare provider   seeks   to   continuously   keep   up   to   date    with   the   latest   advances   in   medicine.   To   ensure   a   good   outcome    to our   patients,   we   believe   that   passing   on   this   knowledge   to   our   patients   and   educating   them   plays   an   equally   instrumental role.   A   patient   who   is   well-educated   about   his   or   her   disease   condition   will      be   able   to   better   understand    and   manage the disease process, thus ensuring a better treatment result.   Indeed,   there   are   different   types   of   treatment   available   for   the   numerous   ENT   problems.   We   believe   strongly   in   giving patients the information they need to choose the treatment that suits them best, in the interest of their own well-being. As   such,   we   endeavour   to   regularly   update   and   continuously   improve   this   website   in   our   quest   to   serve   and   educate   you better. This patient education is provided in good faith to help patients and their families learn more about their medical conditions, the options available to them and the possible consequences of their decisions. This information is not intended to be used for diagnosis, or treatment of any specific individual. Please consult with your ENT doctor regarding your particular circumstances
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Talks about TONSILS on 14/2/14 (for educational purposes, copyright TV9)
Talks about SINUSITIS on 21/2/14 (for educational purposes, copyright TV9)
Talks about HEARING LOSS on 28/2/14 (for educational purposes, copyright TV9)
Talks about NECK SWELLING on 2/1/15 (for educational purposes, copyright TV9)
Talks about SNORING & O.S.A on 12/1/16 (for educational purposes, copyright TV3)
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Talks about THYROID on 6/12/16 (for educational purposes, copyright TV3)
Talks about SINUSITIS & ASTHMA on 9/8/16 (for educational purposes, copyright TV3)
Talks about VERTIGO on 23/11/16 (for educational purposes, copyright TV3)
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D R. V INCENT T AN Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon, MD (UKM), MS ORL-HNS (UKM), DOHNS RCS Edinburgh (UK), MRCS Edinburgh (UK), Postgrad. Allergy (UK), A.M. (Mal), Fellowship in Rhinology (Singapore) Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncology & Surgery (Amsterdam)
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